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Whether you're a small business owner or the purchasing director of a fortune 100 company, St Michaels Energy Services can decrease a significant percent of your utility expenses and operating costs. 
TE Energy, Mich Con, and Consumers Energy, has allowed St Michaels Energy Services to bring competitive costs to you for all your energy needs. Our Utility partners provide signifcant rebates, and
the IRS provides TAX Incentives to upgrade your facility and decrease the amount of energy used. All the while providing better performance and better lighting, and more efficient use of energy at your facility.
Most customers have a decrease in their electric bill of 15% to 30% every month, with a Return On Investment of 1 to 2 years. 

We are a full-service Electrical Energy Services Company. We can reduce the electric energy consumed by your business by upgrading lighting systems, VFD's and other electrical equipment in Office Buildings, Medical Facilities, Warehouses, Industrial Complexes, Food Service Stores, any where electricity is used for business applications. These are endorsed programs by the U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) click on the following site for further information. http://www.eere.energy.gov/ as well as the Federal Incentives Policy web site. http://www.dsireusa.org/incentives/incentive.cfm?Incentive_Code=US40F&re=1&ee=1

The longer you wait for upgrading your electrical
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system, the more $$$ you lose!!!

St Michaels Electrical Engineering Services and Distribution provides the following electrical services and products.
Energy Services Company Energy Consumption Analysis and improvements options - Lighting Retrofit utilizing DTE Energy & Consumers Energy rebate programs that reduce your electric bill. - Metering and Electrical monitoring installation and billing. -  LED lighting distributor - CFL (compact fluorescent light) distributor - Parking lot fixtures energy saving retrofit – Occupancy Sensor energy saving - Energy Saving solutions for Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and Halogen technologies - Reduce Maintenance, system costs, lamp or ballast component replacement costs -  Environmentally sensitive solutions – Lighting Control Panels –  

DTE Your Energy Savings Application program "click here to download file"


Energy Services - we can evaluate your facility for energy savings. There is NO CHARGE for this service.

Our company initiates the project by implementing the following steps... 

  • Preparation of business rebate forms for the utilities approval.
  • Inform the customer of the Utility Rebate $ amount for the electrical upgrades before the project begins.
  • We will work with your ACCOUNTANT to secure Tax incentives - up to .60 cents per sq ft for lighting upgrades.
  • Decrease the time on your Return On Investment with rebates and tax incentives on energy savings from DTE Energy, & Consumers Energy.

Upgrade your companies Lighting and VFD'S and see the energy savings.

  • Free energy analysis of energy savings of you facility.
  • Correspondence and presentation of upgrades to DTE or Consumers Energy.
  • Know in advance YOUR rebate $$$$ for upgrades.
  • Financing is available for upgrades. 
  • Extraordinary Service.
  • Free ROI analysis.